Learn how to make knex roller coaster elements and more such as a loop, corkscrew or eurofighter lift. The instructions are free easy and you can also find knex guns on this site.

Loop instructions

Here are my instructions for a knex roller coaster loop. I know that lots of people find they have trouble making loops or they would just prefer to make one using instructions as its quicker and easier. If you liked this and you would like some other knex roller coaster instructions then please leave a comment asking for a tutorial and I will do my best to make it.
Here are the first half of instructions:

Here are the second half of instructions:


tomijojo said...

can you make instructions of a corkscrew? pls ty (C:

chickenhead131 said...

could you make a tutorial of a turning drop?

chickenhead131 said...

maybe a tutorial on cobra rolls

merlinovitsch said...

what do you think of a loop or a lift-hill for a hanging coaster? I would like to make one :D thanks a lot for this one ;)

padfoot said...

could you make a tutorial on sharper turns and how to bank turns properly? thanks, great instructions!

I- said...

yeah cobra roll instructions is a good idea because it's really hard to build perfectly.