Learn how to make knex roller coaster elements and more such as a loop, corkscrew or eurofighter lift. The instructions are free easy and you can also find knex guns on this site.

Eurofighter Lift

Here are the instructions:

This Eurofighter lift was designed by me and works really well in the fact that not much energy is lost during the drop. If you found this useful then check out my other instructions.


Jake said...

Great lift! This really helped with my roller coaster

I have two more creations to keep you busy. One-a station. Two-some sort of brakes, like side friction brakes. This would really help. Thanks!

boochero said...

Can you put up a video on how to attach the motor to the eurofighter lift? I have been having some trouble getting it to work.

Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for the information. You have a very good article. I found it informative and useful. Keep up the good work and God bless!